There are only a few tablecloths in stock at the moment so please call us on 01285 640441 tues to sun for availability of the size you are looking for.

Some designs have borders similar to traditional Indian blockprints, others are more simply designed without borders. Our family has used these tablecloths for over 20 years now, and are still using some of the same cloths. They do fade particularly in strong sunlight or south facing rooms. The fuller designs are brilliant for everyday cloths as they dont need so much washing.

If you have a large round table and find it hard to get a tablecloth to fit look at our range of round cloths. The 9' diameter or 9' length ones often delights people who say how difficult it is to find one large enough.

All organic cotton, grown without fungicides or pesticides damaging the earth or the farmer and his/her family who grew the cotton. And soft and strong too.