Will you always have what I order in stock?

Not all the prints are in stock at any one time.
The workshop is tiny, and the work is by hand. It can take up to 5 months from inception to delivery here in the uk.
We do not have computerised stock control so email hilary if you would like to be certain of stock before ordering online.

Will the different products in the same colourways always match?

Sometimes yes, sometimes not exactly due to the artisan production process. Small batches of dyes are mixed just for that day, and the weather can dictate the colours, particularly humidity, from one days printing to the next. We try to match say duvet covers with pillowcases etc as well as we can, and if there is a big difference we let you know before sending your order.

Can the products be washed as normal?

Our cotton block prints can be washed at 30 C in the machine, alone at first. Thereafter at 40 C. Fading will occur in sunlight but the cotton just gets softer and softer as the years go on...

How accurate is the sizing?

All sizes are approximate. Duvet covers and pillowcases are standard UK sizes.

Why do these products sometimes have a strong smell similar to kerosene?

Most blockprinting is done using dyes that need fixing with battery acid. We used these dyes for many years, but once we realised this we switched to using 'pigment' dyes. These dyes are the most low impact dyes we can find, however there are two downsides to them
1) a slight, or sometimes stronger smell that comes from the binder that is used to fix the dye to the cloth. this disappears after a couple of washes.
2) on the patterns that have more dye on the cotton the cloth can feel a little stiff but after washing becomes lovely and soft for many years use.